Together we can create the garden of your dreams.


Welcome to Kennedy Greenhouses.


Backyards and front gardens are outdoor living spaces; in fact, we believe that your garden is an extension of your home. At Kennedy Greenhouses you will find: knowledge, friendly service and quality products to create your dream garden. 

We offer a large selection of annuals and perennials throughout the four seasons. We carry a huge assortment of hanging baskets, containers and arrangements and custom orders of any kind, with unique expertise in moss work. 


We have something beautiful & in stock for every season.


Spring has sprung


Spring means new beginnings in the garden.  The time when earth wakes from its winter lethargy and growth begins to stir up from the ground.  

Summer blooms


Let loose and use annuals and perennials with a variety of colours and combinations to create a beautiful display in your summer garden.

Autumn favourites


Autumn is the time for admiring the russets and golds of ornamental grasses gone to seed and the vivid change of colours in the foliage. 

Winter wonderland


It is now the time to think 'Holiday Season' with all of its colours and decors. Lush Indoor and outdoor containers from fresh cut greens.


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